Malnourished Diners in Dubai will be fined

Malnourished Diners in Dubai will be fined

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a restaurant, whose visitors are fined for uneaten meals. About it reports information portal Time Out Dubai.

A place called Hotpot Gulou is located in Dubai. If customers order hot pot for only 49 dirhams (approximately 896 rubles), they are obliged to eat up all the way.

The broth in the pot, boil right on the table, you can add an unlimited number of ingredients, including noodles, meat, tofu and vegetables. Within two hours of ordering customers are free to take unlimited number of drinks.

However, if the dish remains uneaten, the visitor will be required to pay 50 dirhams (about 914 rubles).

The management of the restaurant explains that in this way wants to make customers more conscious approach to the choice of food and reduce waste.

In September it was reported so voracious German athlete, that he was forbidden to go to the restaurant, offering visitors to eat unlimited amounts of food. This occurred after he had dinner once with a hundred portions of land.

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