Media has estimated annual earnings of Nikolay Baskov

Media has estimated annual earnings of Nikolay Baskov

“Golden voice” of Russia Nikolay Baskov, according to Forbes, earned in the year 2018, approximately $6.5 million (442 million rubles.).

He released two albums, signed an advertisement contract, released with Philip Kirkorov resonant clip Ibiza, also became the most demanded artist for new year corporate parties in the role of singer and role of the leader.

According to the Baskov, he has to do everything to earn. “It is easier to sing: 40 minutes left, and so sit 6 — 8 hours…”, — quotes the words of the artist magazine “TV Program”.

As the newspaper notes, the Basque — a favorite of women, and at his concerts there is always a full house. In addition, the artist is able to improvise, have the greatest audience, to sing, to dance and to conduct corporate events and parties so that his services — a line of people waiting.

So, for one performance, according to the magazine, he is paid 1.5 million rubles, and the cost of the reserve is estimated around €50 million (3,8 million rbl.).

Also “Golden voice” advertises juice. For each such contract of the Basque receives $2 million (136 million rubles). According to the publication, the interest of big advertisers intensified after the shocking clip Ibiza.

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In addition, the singer hosts a weekly show “Saturday night with Nikolai Baskov” and appears on channel “Russia 1” in the “Lights” and other TV projects. The publication estimates his income from career on TV in 4 million roubles in a month.

Busy Basque and business projects. The singer gets a percentage of sales line of anti-aging cosmetics for women. The set includes three drugs value of 9990 rubles., their sale during the year brought the artist about 500 thousand rubles.