Double record new year’s fireworks: video

Double record new year’s fireworks: video

The small Emirate of RAS al Khaimah in the Northern United Arab Emirates on new year’s eve became the owner of two Guinness world records: the world’s longest fireworks and the longest chain of fireworks. Feast your eyes on this awesome sight!

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On the island of al Marjan in the United Arab Emirates celebrated the New year with the Oriental scale, staging on the coast of the fascinating pyrotechnic show lasting 12 minutes of the seven thematic compositions accompanied by music.

The creative team, preparing a festive presentation, managed to launch the world’s longest linear firework its length was 13002 meters. For this pyrotechnics made up in the chain and blew 11284 fireworks, which was another world record. Show that entered the Guinness Book of records, shot 200 unmanned aerial vehicles. At its creation took more than 300 hours and has written more than 41 thousand lines of computer code.