Peskov: Russia is not using people as pawns

Peskov: Russia is not using people as pawns

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov did not hear complaints about the possible exchange of the arrested in USA’s Butinai American Paul Whelan.

“I such statements are not heard, so I can’t say anything,” — said Peskov reporters. In response to the question about the reasons for the detention of Whelan, he recalled that there were allegations of the security services, where the reason was stated, and also was the statement of the foreign Ministry. “I have nothing to add”, he concluded.

Recall that the FSB detained Whelan December 28, 2018 for espionage. Criminal case is brought. The detainee is a citizen of Ireland, UK, USA and Canada.

“In Russia never use people as pawns in the diplomatic game,” said Sands, commenting on a statement by the British foreign office.

In Russia, conduct counterintelligence activities against those suspected of espionage activities — this is done on a regular basis.