Symbol of new year go to waste

Symbol of new year go to waste

How to throw a coniferous tree

Keep the Christmas tree until the spring is dangerous, said the Ministry. Dry needles can be the cause of the fire, warned the Agency. Today across Moscow begin work to recycle trees this year, about 500 of them. The service offering and the companies that sell trees. How to recycle your tree? And how much is it? This — Jan Lubnina and Elena Ivanova.

The main problem before the New year — how to choose a live tree. After the holidays, the question arises what to do with it. Yellowed needles Russian trees falling on the floor in the apartment, foreign fir needles just dries up and loses its shape. To get rid of the attribute of the holiday can be a few thousand rubles for the recycling services offered by many companies. And according to the Director of shop “the Christmas” Vladislav Pukharev, debris of such a procedure in the house is: “This service is worth the small words 1,200 rubles., and 3 m and above 3 thousand RUB Specialist arrives, he has with him a bag for disposal, there is a pruner to cut branches. He removes the tree in the bag, makes, and exports it in the future utilizes. He, in General, leaves nothing”.