Cause time. Psychologist about how to go from vacation

Cause time. Psychologist about how to go from vacation

Someone spent the holidays abroad, the other lying on the sofa, one in the hotel. After a ten-day vacation will find it hard to get to work for everyone.

The psychologist Ksenia Evnine tells how to get into the rhythm of work easily and quickly.

Oddly enough, the rest is too stressful. Any abrupt regime change, scope, schedule creates stress to the body. And the sharper the change, the stress is stronger. So you should try to arrange the life more smoothly, not to take themselves a lot on the first day.

What if the idea of working hard?

The more a person is satisfied with his place of work, sphere of activity and life, the easier it starts after a holiday or vacation to the execution of their duties. If it activity, place of work, colleagues call a sharp rejection, then it’s not vacation. You can resort to bodily practices — exercises, yoga or meditation. But it’s like a headache pill, cause does not cure, but only alleviates physical condition.

Known cases when people were fired from work after a long vacation because during this time there was a revaluation.

But as therapists we do not advise you to follow the first desire: I do not want to work — and not go. You need to soberly understand that work generates income, but the rest and just a pleasant pastime cost money. Have not yet found a source of funds, it is advisable to remain in place. Especially in the new year period, many companies cut staff, and find a decent job due to excess staff can be difficult. But, if you thought hard and decided step forward.

How to set household?

Parents still Orient children to the school, because the holidays come to an end. To go to school after the holidays as difficult as at your workplace.

Younger students can be stimulated with stories about classmates, interesting encounters that await them in school. With the older need to communicate on an equal footing, in the same language.

Yes, the child relaxed. It is difficult to undertake homework. Here you can talk about what the beginning of a career is always learning. And if you do not attend school or learn poorly, you risk not to have a profession and not make dreams come true. Try not to sigh in front of the kids: “How could I not want to go out after the holidays!” They see it and duplicate. Better visit all the family relatives. Let the children will get the feeling that this summed up the holiday, and now it’s time to learn.

How to fall in love with the place where you live

When I return from traveling, especially in a culturally rich and beautiful places, it is difficult to get used to the idea that all the fun is over, back to the usual way.

And you try to walk on his hometown like a tourist. Not just walk through attractions where you drive visiting relatives, and carefully look around as if you are here for the first time.

I’m sure there are beautiful monuments, which before did not pay attention, and interesting places where you need to go, and unique detail in the architecture. You will not be so offensive, roughly speaking, from the fact that your small homeland is not as beautiful as, say, Italy, Brazil or Portugal.

To restore order in mind and Affairs

On the first day do not try to grasp the immensity. Of course, if your position allows. Talk with colleagues, show on the back of the photo. Wash Desk, tidy drawers, throw away unnecessary stuff. You can get weekly and to record their plans. Start recording from the first day you yourself will be interested then flipping the record and analyze their desires, actions, and what plans has the possible to realize.