The UN is looking for a new home fled from Saudi Arabia girl

The UN is looking for a new home fled from Saudi Arabia girl

The office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) is looking for a country that would grant asylum to 18-year-old Rahaf ALKANON, escaped from Saudi Arabia, according to Thai newspaper Khaosod.

The girl claims that the home was subjected to “years of abuse” from his family.

Rahaf ALKANON wanted to go to Australia, and last week a transit flight arrived in Bangkok. However, there her passport was taken by the staff of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia. They said that the girl should return home. Rahaf ALKANON the escaped diplomats and barricaded himself in the transit area of the airport.

Information on the girl spread across the social networks after she started a Twitter account and told his story. 8 January Rahaf ALKANON met with representatives of the UNHCR. The organization agreed to take the girl under his protection and help her with the paperwork for the move. Thai authorities temporarily allowed the girl entry into the country.

Very Rahaf Alcano wrote that he wants to get asylum in Canada, USA, Australia or UK.

I wil still here until UN helps me

— Rahaf Mohammed رهف محمد القنون (@rahaf84427714) January 7, 2019.