It’s not worms! Ten strange desserts from around the world

It’s not worms! Ten strange desserts from around the world

MOSCOW, 8 Jan — RIA Novosti. “Why throw away stale bread?” — apparently thought the Thrifty British housewife and served it for dessert.

Asian cooks realized that Haute cuisine is no surprise, took on “low”. About strange desserts that you can try in different countries — in the material RIA Novosti.

Ice cream from the Borodino bread (Russia)

he returned to Russia, they eat ice cream from the Borodino bread

— MORSKAYA (@seafreshness) 25 Aug 2016

Beloved by many Russians Borodino bread decided to use ice cream. But it’s not a traditional kitchen, but rather molecular. You can prepare at home: crumb rye bread, caraway, coriander.

There are recipes that combines Russian and British ingredients. For example, ice cream from the Borodino bread and English dark stout.

Pudding of bread with butter (UK)

The basis of this delicious, traditional British cuisine is known for, as they say, back to XIII century, is stale bread. Originally the dessert was called “poor man’s Pudding”. Now you can do a croissant with the addition of not only butter but also chocolate, cream, fruit, cognac.

Jalebi (Middle East and India)

In this dessert there is nothing strange, except for its appearance. It may seem that in a bowl put fried worms. No, it’s just strands of wheat dough, fried in deep fat from ghee and dipped in sugar syrup.

If you are in India, then indulge your sweet tooth, not worth it. Indian sweets — it is almost a cult. You should try sweet Buri — sure — sweet balls of tune.