Mei said the vote in Parliament on Brexit

Mei said the vote in Parliament on Brexit

LONDON, 6 Jan — RIA Novosti. The vote in the house of Commons of the British Parliament on the government project on the terms Brexit will take place on 14 or 15 January, the Prime Minister said Theresa may in the program “Show, Andrew Marr”.

“The debate will begin next week and continue for the following, which will take place voting,” she said, adding that as of the date of the vote there are 14 or 15 of January.

Earlier, the government reported that the vote on the draft Brexit will be held the week of January 14.

May said that in December he received “some assurances” from the participants of the EU summit, which took place immediately after the decision of postponing the vote. She has also held negotiations with a number of leaders of the EU countries.

Initially, the vote in the British Parliament was scheduled for 11 Dec. However, after three days of debate may made a statement in which it acknowledged that the agreement in its current form will not support the majority of the deputies, and moved the vote to a later date.

The UK should leave the EU on 29 March 2019. In October 2018 the British government and the EU after months of negotiations, agreed on the text of the agreement that defines the exit conditions.