Killed one of the most wanted terrorists in the world

Killed one of the most wanted terrorists in the world

The us military destroyed a Yemeni terrorist Jamal Ahmed Mohammed Ali al-Badawi, said on Twitter the President of the United States Donald trump.

“Our work against “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization — approx. “Of the”) continues. We will never stop in our fight against radical Islamic terrorism!” — wrote the head of state.

CNN TV channel with reference to the captain of the U.S. Navy, bill Urbana reports that al-Badawi was killed on 1 January in an airstrike in the province of Marib in Yemen.

In Washington state that during the operation, the terrorist was driving in the car alone, so collateral damage in case of its dissolution was not.

Al-Badawi, considered one of the main organizers of the attack on the USS Cole (USS Cole) in port of Aden in 2000, was included in the list of most wanted terrorists according to the FBI.

For information which contributed to his arrest, was promised a reward in the amount of five million dollars.

In 2004 in Yemen, the terrorist was sentenced to death, later it was replaced by a life sentence. Several times he managed to escape from prison and eventually in 2007 he was released in exchange for a promise to maintain the loyalty of local authorities. Since then, the US was looking for him.

“Cole” was attacked by two suicide bombers who drove explosives stuffed motor boat. In the explosion killed 17 American sailors, and 39 more were wounded. The destroyer was holed in the hull, it was repaired and again put into operation.