Escape from North Korea: diplomats and ordinary North Koreans seek asylum abroad

Escape from North Korea: diplomats and ordinary North Koreans seek asylum abroad

Two months have passed since Italy went missing North Korean diplomat. Where he’s at, is still unknown. What consequences can wait for the diplomat and how many people every year are fleeing from North Korea?

Two months have passed since the day when Italy disappeared, the acting Ambassador of the DPRK. Unconfirmed reports of this have come before, but only now talking about running officials.

In the South Korean media published statements by members of the government, which confirmed the disappearance of high-ranking North Korean diplomat.

South Korean media reported that he asked for political asylum in Italy. Italian Ministry of foreign Affairs did not confirm this information. Where is this man that is waiting for him and his loved ones? Were there similar cases of escape of North Korean diplomats?

48-year-old Cho son Gil was acting Ambassador of the DPRK in Rome from October 2017. He was appointed to this position after Italy in protest against the nuclear test, Pyongyang expelled the previous North Korean Ambassador.

The period of work at the Embassy Cho son Giles ended in late November 2018. He decided not to wait for that day, and had disappeared in the beginning of the month.

As a rule, foreign state in which the asylum seekers, representatives of the DPRK, are informed about such cases, South Korea. According to South Korean newspaper JoongAng, this time the authorities did not report.

Italian authorities allegedly took official custody and still have not decided what to do with it, the publication suggests.

The newspaper also reports that Cho son Gil is known as the son-in-law and high-ranking officials of North Korea. His privileged status is the fact that he was allowed to come to Rome with his wife and children.

North Korean diplomats working abroad, are often forced to leave their families at home. This measure is intended to prevent desertion. Exceptions usually are made only for officials of the very influential families.

Diplomatic mission of North Korea to Italy strategically important for Pyongyang, as the food and agriculture organization is in Rome, and North Korea often suffers from a lack of food.

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Pyongyang has repeatedly stressed that the North Korean secret services abroad strictly monitored for any signs of disloyalty of its citizens. However, to deceive intelligence agencies North Korean diplomats sometimes still possible.