The Israeli army has denied reports of plane downed in Syria

The Israeli army has denied reports of plane downed in Syria

TEL AVIV, 30 Nov — RIA Novosti. The Israeli military has denied allegations that the Syrian air defense allegedly shot down a military aircraft of the Jewish state.


A source in the Syrian security authorities had earlier told RIA Novosti that the air defense of the Arab Republic knocked over the settlement of al-Kiswa South of Damascus, Israeli military aircraft and four missiles. While Syrian state media reported that the air defense system of Syria on Thursday hit several targets in the sky over the South of the country.

“Reports of a damaged Israeli aircraft or other aerial targets the Israeli do not correspond to reality,” said the army press-service.

The Israeli military still does not comment on reports of his involvement in the airstrike.

The Israelis recognize that over the past two years 200 once bombed Iranian facilities in Syria, and talking about determination to continue operations despite increased Syria’s air defense the modern Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-300. Their supply was a response to the tragic incident with the spy plane of Russian air force Il-20, the blame for the loss of which in Moscow has accused the Israeli military.