The speech of Vladimir Putin at the forum “Russia calling”

The speech of Vladimir Putin at the forum “Russia calling”

The most important thing.


  • About the incident in the Kerch Strait: “This is a provocation, of course, which is organized by the current government, including the current President, on the eve of presidential elections in Ukraine in March of next year.”

“(Ukrainian warships.— “B”) did not respond at all to requests of our border service. Began to move straight towards the bridge. On the offer to get to the Parking lot did not react. The offer to take the pilot — even after violating our borders they still offered to take the pilot’s silence, did not answer.”

The impression that what they (the Ukrainian authorities.— “B”) neither do they get away with it. If they require today babies for Breakfast, they probably will be served and babies. And what, say they want to eat, there’s nothing you can do about it.

  • About the dollar: “we Have no intention to move away from the dollar, dollar go from us. And those who shall take appropriate action, shooting himself in the foot, and already a little higher, because such instability in the calculation in dollars is the desire of many economies of the world to find an alternative reserve currency and create independent of the dollar settlement system”.
  • About the economy: “it is clear that the current rate of economic growth insufficient to dramatically improve the lives of our citizens, we speak about it and understand it.”