The pigeons wreaked havoc in the Studio of the TV show

The pigeons wreaked havoc in the Studio of the TV show

A leading British talk show Good Morning Britain piers Morgan (Piers Morgan) decided to sneer at a, seated on the shoulders of two pigeons. Soon the birds were out of control and wreaked havoc in the Studio, writes The Sun.


A few weeks before the incident, the son of Morgan compared the lead with the character from the movie “home Alone 2” — s a homeless woman fed pigeons in the Park. Viewers of the show felt that Morgan externally very similar to the actress, and supported the joke. The journalist also wanted to laugh at themselves, so appeared on the air with two birds on his shoulders.

The pigeons did not sit still: first, one of them got Morgan on the head and began to beat his wings in the face. He then flew around the Studio and shat on documents co-host Susanna Reid (Susanna Reid).

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Soon in the frame were the owner of pigeons who tried to catch the raging birds. He came to the aid of even the master of the weather. In the end the man managed to throw pigeons on the net.

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