The Irish got two months in prison for a bag of chips

The Irish got two months in prison for a bag of chips

Court of Ireland has sentenced a woman to prison for the damage done to the bag of chips cost a half Euro.


Kathleen Macdonagh from cork in Ireland, opened a pack of Pringles crisps in a Tesco store before paying for it.

Earlier, 25-year-old woman by a decision of the court were forbidden to appear in the Mall. At the trial she told me that she opened the pack on purpose — so that the shop could not deny her the purchase. Instead of a bag of chips she got a prison sentence for deliberate damage of goods which will not be possible in this way to sell.

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The representatives of the prosecution told the judge that McDonagh already has several convictions, including for theft and damage. A bag of chips was maliciously opened two years ago, 27 December 2016 in the Mall near the house where Macdonagh.

In court, police said at the time, when she and the pack of Pringles was heading to the self-service checkout, Macdonagh was forbidden to appear in the Mall, and the local workers knew her well.