Call trump collapses in oil prices

Call trump collapses in oil prices

The US President Donald trump said in an interview with The Washington Post, which specifically agreed with the authorities of Saudi Arabia to reduce oil prices.


According to trump, the sharp drop in oil prices — the result of his hard telephone negotiations with Riyadh. “Prices have reached 82 [dollars] per barrel, and had to go up to one hundred dollars. It was like a massive tax increase. I didn’t mean to,” said the American leader.

According to the President, he’s in the conversation could agree to increase oil production, so that prices fell to $ 52 per barrel.

“We have a very important ally in Saudi Arabia. We have an ally with huge oil reserves, which, frankly, could raise prices, and I want to keep,” added trump.

The US President has already expressed gratitude for the cheap oil himself in his microblog on Twitter. Falling prices he called “tax breaks for the world.”

The decline in oil prices lasts for several weeks. Experts explain this by the uncertainty over OPEC agreement to reduce production levels, as well as U.S. sanctions against Iran and increase oil production in the United States.