A Polish court allowed parents to name their son after the hero of “Star wars”

A Polish court allowed parents to name their son after the hero of “Star wars”

The case was heard four years.


A journalist from Warsaw Wojciech Staszewski won a lawsuit against the Council of the Polish linguists and local registration authorities who opposed the unusual name of his son.

Four years ago, Wojciech became a father. His spouse the king had a son whose parents decided to call Igor.

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The problems began when the couple wanted to officially give the baby the second (middle) name in honor of the famous character of the fantastic Saga “Star wars” — Yoda.

Against the very name of the one was okay, but his writing (Yoda) provoked resistance on the part of employees of official bodies. The main problem lies in the fact that in Polish language the words cannot start with the letter “Y,” and therefore parents have offered to slightly change the name to Ioda or Joda. But Staszewski decided that it would be a very different name, and began to resist. They sued a statement in which it asked for permission to name his son as they want, after all, nothing illegal in that, no name.

Powaga, będzie dowód 🙂

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The trial lasted four long years, during which linguists would not give up.

Parents little Igor-Yoda even sent an official letter stating that it is impossible to name the baby in honor of the “imaginary green creatures”.

But this letter became the decisive round of confrontation. Wojciech officially noted that such a question is pure discrimination, and even managed to prove it in court.

Ultimately, the court decided that Staszewski have every right to call his son’s name Yoda, what a happy father and told his followers and fellow journalists on Facebook.

Yoda‼ this Mały Yoda ❤ I Już oficjalnie. Na drugie imię. Dziś przyszło pocztą ?
Chciałbym się radością podzielić po wygranej…

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