Scientists have shown, what will be the new supercontinent on Earth

Scientists have shown, what will be the new supercontinent on Earth

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The crust consists of lithospheric plates that move at a rate of several centimeters per year. Due to this movement every 400-600 million years the continents are going in a huge continent. In the past this supercontinent was Pangaea, which split into the modern continents 200-150 million years ago. Now the continents are at the stage of almost maximum separation.

In the future, scientists say, begin the reverse process of convergence until after 200-250 million years the continents do not form a new supercontinent. The question is how he will shape and how will shape the future of a continent.

In an article for the journal Global and Planetary Change, scientists have proposed four main scenarios for the formation of the next supercontinent: Nowapara, Pangea Ultima, Aurika and Amasya.

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4 SEPTEMBER 2018. It is foreseeable that a new supercontinent will form sometime into the future.
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If the Atlantic ocean continues to expand as it does now, and the Pacific ocean — close, in the end, America will face drifting to the North of Antarctica. To join them in Africa and Eurasia. Australia will be sandwiched in the middle.