Nearly a ton of iron from the Eiffel tower sold at auction

Nearly a ton of iron from the Eiffel tower sold at auction

It is part of a spiral staircase, it linked the second and third floors of the tower. Does this lot of success? Why he might need to collectors?


In Paris, on 27 November, collectors will present unusual lot. It is part of a spiral staircase that connected the second and third floors of the tower.

A fragment of the ladder reaches a height of almost 4.5 meters and weighs 900 pounds.

The lot is estimated at 40-50 thousand euros, said auction house Artcurial.

The spiral staircase was built in 1889 and was used for nearly 100 years. In 1983 it was cut into 24 pieces. Four fragments presented to the French museums, and the remaining 20 were sold at auction. The current owner of the “Element # 4”, a collector of Montreal Canadiens was going to resell it.

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About why collectors might need 900 pounds the historic iron, says the CEO of the company “ARTinvestment” Konstantin Babulin:

“First: it can be bought as an artifact, there are such people. They are not actually collectors, but simply to buy as an original object in the interior. Or it can be purchased as a sculpture. Scale its, well, maybe not as dramatic as for example, “Titanic”, which any object acquires some kind of epoch-making significance. Here we will see the first time — the size and weight don’t matter. Not necessary to drag the device itself, so to speak, in the hall at the auction. It can be shown — and, most likely, and will be on the screen during the auction. 40 thousand Euro — the price is low. Normal French auction. Records are not waiting. Somewhere in the area of 70-80 thousand is quite a realistic figure, which can reach”.