Poroshenko demanded from Russia to immediately release detained Ukrainian military

Poroshenko demanded from Russia to immediately release detained Ukrainian military

The President of Ukraine made an appeal to the Russian authorities.


Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko demanded Russia to immediately release Ukrainian sailors and ships detained in the Kerch Strait. Such an appeal he made at a meeting of the Council of national security and defense of Ukraine, reported on the website of the President.

“I appeal to the leadership of the Russian Federation to immediately release Ukrainian soldiers, who in violation of international law roughly arrested and whose fate is unknown. Ukraine needs urgently to transfer to the Ukrainian side with the ship,” — said Poroshenko. He noted that he expects a quick response to his appeal.

Sunday, 25 November, Russian border guards detained three Ukrainian warships, as reported by the press service of the Ukrainian Navy. It was two boats — “Berdyansk” and “Nikopol”, as well as inshore tug “Yana Kapu”. They have made a planned transition from the port of Odessa to the port of Mariupol of the Azov sea, the report said.

Newsof the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine in the Black sea

There it was explained that Russia, which controls the Kerch Strait and knowing about planiruem the movement of ships, had taken “aggressive actions”: border cruiser “don” rammed the tug. In an hour the presentation was made by the FSB of Russia: the Ukrainian ships have illegally crossed the border from Russia and headed to the Kerch Strait, reports of move of the Russian authorities was not received.

On Sunday evening, Ukraine said that the ships were also fired upon by Russian border guards, and six soldiers were injured. The FSB confirmed the use of weapons and said that the three wounded Ukrainian military medical assistance. The Russian service also has opened a criminal case on violation of the Russian border.