Peskov called the incident in the Kerch Strait “a very dangerous provocation”

Peskov called the incident in the Kerch Strait “a very dangerous provocation”

The Kremlin for the first time commented on the incident.


Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called the incident in the Kerch Strait “a very dangerous provocation” that require serious investigation. His words leads RIA Novosti. Russia initiated proceedings on the situation in the UN security Council, Peskov said.

A Kremlin spokesman declined to give more detailed comments, explaining that “detailed” statement prepared by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia.

Sunday, November 25, the Crimean border Department of the Federal security service (FSB) reported that three Ukrainian warships illegally crossed the Russian border and headed for the Strait of Kerch. The Russian secret service indicated that they “maneuvered in a dangerous manner” and did not respond to the demands of the FSB. Russia has sent to the scene of the incident, the su-25 bombers and military helicopters Ka-52.

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The press service of the Ukrainian Navy, in turn, said that two Ukrainian boats (“Berdyansk” and “Nikopol”), as well as inshore tug “Yana Kapu” carried out a planned transition from the port of Odessa to the port of Mariupol of the Azov sea. The Russian ships, as claimed by Kiev had taken “aggressive actions”. In the press service of the Ukrainian Ministry stated that Russian military ship “don” rammed the Ukrainian tow. For navigation through the Kerch Strait the Russian side is responsible. In the Navy of Ukraine stressed that Russian border guards had been sent information about the movement of Ukrainian ships.

The FSB later confirmed that it used the weapon in order to stop the Ukrainian Navy ships. All three ships of the Ukrainian Navy, was detained in the territorial waters of Russia in the Black sea, the report said the Russian special services. For violation of the state border of Russia, the Russian authorities opened a criminal case. By Monday morning, November 26, the movement of civilian vessels in the Kerch Strait, which Russia suspended the day before, was resumed.

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Kiev later said that as a result of the incident injured six Ukrainian military, the FSB confirmed the injury of only three. Russian secret services said that they received medical treatment, life threatening for the Ukrainian troops there.