Zita Gita without

Zita Gita without

The fate of Siamese twins Zita and Gita are still concerned about the thousands of spectators. Rezahanova not allowed to forget about the world for fifteen years after the surgery. They appeared regularly on TV, made appointment, Ramzan Kadyrov, and called Maxim Galkin, led the social network, was fascinated by the Muslim world and kind of toured the country.


Samizdat correspondent Nina Abrosimova five days spent in the house Rezahanova in Kyrgyzstan and tells how sister, the only media capital of which was physical illness became obvious stars.

In the last weeks of his life, Zita Rezahanova filmed a video message to Ramzan Kadyrov. She told me that really bad feeling and asked to get her to the hospital. Wrote to the head of the Chechen Republic in instagram — he did not answer. “But there is also Mr Kadyrov himself is not sitting, is justified by his girl’s mother. Zita knew that if he learns how it is bad, it will definitely help.”

The year before that the twins have seen him. At the next “Let them talk” they asked about the most cherished desire, and they said they want to visit the Muslim Holy Mecca, but it’s too hard. And added that even dream to see the mosque “Heart of Chechnya”. Half an hour later the family offered a trip on behalf of Ramzan Kadyrov. A week later he waited Rezahanova in the lobby of the hotel “Grozny city” to take them to lunch at his residence. Then, when Zita was sick, Gemini dream, as in the next meeting tell him that I had memorized more than half of the Quran. But the human contacts, linking them with the head of Chechnya, has been lost. How to write Kadyrov directly — they didn’t understand, so “just delete these videos from your phone”.

Do Siamese twins quite a lot. The surgeon who operated on Rezahanova post was shared five more such pairs.

The last — two years ago. Some of those children survived, some died, but none managed to become as popular as Zita and Gita. To see them even asked other Siamese twins — fifty-year-old sister Krivoshlyapova, which are written in the eighties.

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One of the conjoined twins, usually grows weaker. In this pair this twin was Zita, although the separation she got the same organs, how many and sister. The girl already had his heart stopped every time her pulled out, but now she’s definitely and painfully dying at home. Shortly before his death, the family was able to convene for, like, the fifth “Let them talk” dedicated to the problems of Siamese twins, and to summon for a few months in a Russian hospital. After which they returned home. In the last days of Zita still asked in the clinic, wanted to be intubated and it was possible to “at least five minutes to breathe”. Gita for this desire snapped at her. First, two months ago, when I left from Moscow already agreed on everything, and secondly, Zeta still had not been taken, and to intubate was nothing light almost gone, just broken everything. In the end, from the medication she disintegrated the liver, came out of his mouth pieces — and she died. Zita Rezahanova was 24 years old. The news of her death yielded hundreds of publications.

To identify conjoined twins on ultrasound is difficult: they often look just like twins.

In fact, would have been born twins, if two sperm fertilized the egg is shared in time — on the sixth day after conception. According to statistics, two hundred thousand of these eggs there is one that can’t keep up. And then the embryos remain attached. To grow together they may in different ways: head, breast cells, back, pelvis. Some authorities they are shared, some in duplicate. With limbs all the same variable. Zita and Gita were born with three legs and one big stomach with General internal organs. In the SEL because of this, they tried to issue one birth certificate for two. Father was summoned to the hospital and was told a long time that his wife is innocent and during pregnancy behaved as it should. He asked why should he do explain.

The doctor said that recently there was born six-fingered child, and his father, not heeding the arguments, the wife immediately stopped.

Rashid Rizakhanov had not planned to leave his Zumriyat. The next day after birth, he took her home, and the twins — no. The two oldest children, who were waiting for a new baby sister, said that she died. Other relatives lie has not turned out: the news quickly spread around the village. Before sending Zita and Gita in a boarding school Zumriyat allowed to see the children again, but accompanied by family and with the condition that she “will be calm”, i.e. not to shout and not to cry.

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A year later, on the advice of doctors, Zumrut got pregnant again. It was assumed that a healthy birth can help a woman recover from shock and establish itself in the thought that she was all right. It was assured that re-conjoined twins are born. The villagers bdili. Zumriyat recalls: “the Man — he is dead — I poked a finger in stomach and asked enough to give birth to monsters”. “It was my brother, angrily inserts Rashid. — No we did not help, the word did not support, even from relatives had to fight back”. Zumrut quietly asks her husband: “don’t tell her, please.”

I arrived in Kyrgyzstan at the end of October — the third funeral Zita. Two weeks before that I contacted Zumrut asked whether it is possible to come to him, and was invited to stay in their home.

To the village West of the airport to go twenty minutes. From Bishkek — hour difficulty: Yandex. Taxi, who is in town, Chui region does not yet support, it is necessary to agree with someone on the spot. At some point the asphalt road ends, at the same time appear on the sides of cows. During the trip, we still need to pique one of them. It does not hurt, and the car — a little, so the taxi driver-a private trader for some time to argue with a shepherd, and I look at the pink mountain on the horizon.

Together with the family I lived with for five days, slept in the girls ‘ room, on the bed, Zita. Gita because I relocated on the floor in the common room on the ground floor to entice her to sleep upstairs never happened.

Beds, by the way, girls are different: the second a few years ago broke the fat journalist from “Let them talk” and is that bed bought a sofa. The Wallpaper — thin silver stripes, plaid and tulle are also in fine glitter. From the window you can see fields of cabbage, and pulls manure: running down geese, and a little distance are the barns Rezahanova. Cabbage planting surround all three short streets that make up the village West, a small shop and “grave” (graveyard). We with Gita toured it the first day and more over the fence did not come out.

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Twenty years ago, to bring in Siamese twins, no one had planned. As the maximum considered moving all or part of the family (for example, Zita Gita, Sumret) in “a different place”, but after the girls turned 18. It was assumed that “all else” will be easier because of them or no one will know, or will, but “very strange people”. According to Zumriyat, in the County and is now a “shelter in the homes of children with disabilities” — with cerebral palsy, for example. “It happens that even the neighbors don’t know that this family grows sick child,” she says.

Zumriyat says: “All the journalists always wanted to write that I was in the village of the oppressed. But it wasn’t.” The woman says that did not hide the presence of Zita and Gita: “When I was asked how many children I have, I frankly answered, that five and one Siamese.” However, older children Rezahanova found out about her sisters only when they are on the site tossed the newspaper “Evening Bishkek” with photos of twins. And demanded that the parents ‘ explanation, suspicions were already in the school hinted at, — and expressed a desire to go to him in the orphanage and to meet you.

Meanwhile, Zita and Gita always knew that they have a brother and sister, saw the pictures. They were actively interested in the Affairs of the family and hoped that one day they’ll still take you home.

But they were not taken, and to visit the girls in the boarding school of the whole family came Rashid and Zumriyat: “a Couple of times was my mother. We just do just took. Because for others it’s still the same gimmick: one, raise the girls the blanket and look. It’s people I’ve never seen one in all of Central Asia, I want to see.”

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Gita learned to crawl early and the first time was pulling Zita on the floor behind him. They tried to rise, but feet did not hold. In a boarding school for the way to move them called spiders. Gita me then in the living room showed how they moved in a while, and really worked fast. She ran right foot; sister, respectively, of the left. The third leg, which really was something of a cross between hand and foot controlled both, but Zita could move all at once, and the Gita only your fingers. Leg growing from the middle of the trunk, went upstairs, came to an end at ten centimeters higher goals. And was tilted to the Gita, therefore, that, went, put on her socks and threw neck. Day toe was also necessary — it “grandmother-iku” (the nickname of their authorship) covered from other children.

Gemini almost always went in bruised and scratched. “The body is one, but the hands are different — smiles Gita. — I go to sleep, Zita wakes me up — I’m angry. Or want to watch TV, but she doesn’t love him, wants to the street”. The fight was way to promptly agree on the plans for the day. “Strangled, were killing each other — complaining about Sumret. — From time to time they even tried it with the power to stretch in different directions to split up”.

In 2001, Zita temperature rose to forty degrees. And her sisters didn’t. It turned out that a defective leg inflammation, it rots and still belongs to Zita.

The doctors gave the twins the anaesthetic, I opened and cleaned the pus from the foot. But Gita had to understand something: when Zita dies, she dies too, even if its part of the body everything will be all right. “And that was quite insulting, you know?” she says.

Then Zumriyat renewed attempts to find a surgeon, although a couple of years ago “ceased to go anywhere” because all the doctors of Kyrgyzstan has already recognized the twins inoperable. She decided to fly to Moscow. A week with her husband went to all the hospitals, left in foster documents, statements and photos. “I was kicked out the door — I climbed in the window,” metaphorically describes the process Zumriyat. In one place they were given their prior consent and said that you need 60 thousand dollars. Upon arrival, the woman began to look for the money.

My question is “where?” lists: “American military base, the American Embassy, the actress kind of came foreign.” Explains that he did not know where to go, but went there “where there are foreigners”. The American military base of the ride was “dangerous”, but close: village near the airport, she will, too. Zumriyat there, of course, was not allowed, but she handed the folder to the military at the entrance. “I was naive. Believed that the Americans will certainly help or at least give information. They then came to the schools assisted,” says Sumrit.

Simultaneously with these attacks she began to attend the first Internet-cafe in Bishkek. His staff was helping the woman to throw the documents that transferred the rural English teacher, emails to foreign charitable organizations. Soon a German television company made a promise to her to collect the money for the surgery in exchange for shooting a documentary. Rezahanova agreed. Rashid, Sumret, seeta and Geeta flew to Munich and lived there for two weeks. To walk out only once, and managed to accidentally join the column of sexual minorities thinking that carnival. Once had a fight with broadcasters: they wanted to remove the twins naked. Any money eventually received.

But the twins were still in public space. They were interested in Russian media. Every journalist who contacted Zumriyat, she was explaining that she needs to save the children.

Asked what specifically he can help. So, Polina Ivanushkina NTV decided to descend from the twelfth to the second floor of Ostankino: “we Knew that somewhere there sits Yelena Malysheva host of “Health.” I just knocked on her office, told me about Zoe, and she, almost without waiting, said, will, let their phone”.

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Malysheva down the number of petrol filling stations in the village of Jana-jer — adjacent to the West. Through the machine at the gas station Zumriyat conducted all its negotiations, another phone in the district was not. Malyshev invited her and the girls in Moscow. Rashid said that “already tired of the humiliation” and will not go anywhere. He gave Zumriyat money remaining from the sale of two bulls, but took her word for it that this is the last attempt to do something with the twins, because the money from family particularly was no more.

The presenter eventually managed to negotiate with the Filatov hospital. “We rejoiced, boasted that we will do the operation, and the children teased: “You will die”. And doctors we also openly said that one survives and the other does not,” says Gita. “Elena on the day of surgery said, “You know there will be deep with disabilities?” I said, “now, who is this? I that brought to you healthy children?”” recalls Zumriyat.

Before the girls separated, the surgeons do not fully understand who and how many bodies get it. Then came equally.

The bladder and the uterus removed by Rezahanova, but colon was able to share. Defective leg. Skin her used to the maximum to close the cut body. On the anterior abdominal wall brought out the stoma tube, in which is going digested food. With this set of guts to be healthy was simply impossible.

His dvenadtsataya Zita and Gita celebrated in Moscow together with Kirkorov. The teacher said that they can choose to invite to a boarding school any artist that they like. Seeta and Geeta in the hospital often listened to his songs. Generally after surgery Rezahanova had to spend in Russia up to a month, and then return to Kyrgyzstan. But Gemini semi had lived here for two years.

At this time Rezahanova often appeared on television. One of the first broadcasts aired Andrey Malakhov — he organized a teleconference from the hospital. The girls then came singer Valeria and Joseph Prigogine. Zumriyat remembers that he was still in the status of the producer, and the girls slightly embarrassed him, turning to Valerie with a question: “is This your husband?”.

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Rezahanova immediately explained to the twins why it is important for them to communicate with the press. Before surgery she did not quite understand it, but “kick them [journalists] thought: what if we then, too, [from the hospital] kicked”. After the motivation has changed. First, Zumrut felt the need to thank for the “expensive” operation, which was done for free, and secondly, almost immediately realized that the sisters would need rehabilitation, which no one promised, so — and money.

According to estimates Zumrut, only to “Let them talk” for fifteen years came out about ten editions with the twins. Rashid, by the way, almost never agreed to participate in the filming — he’s afraid of flying by plane. But one of the last times, when the producers of “Let them talk” said that his presence was necessary, he had to go. Because Zumriyat threatened to file for divorce, “Then I would be able to say in the Studio that I have no husband.” After recording Rezahanova watched himself on the big plasma, which hangs them in the living room. The day of the show the whole village were drawn to their TV sets. And the next day discussed the issue, found out the details, did the girls compliments. But then, in any domestic conversation, the neighbors would mockingly say, “What, again Malakhov wanted?