Regardie armed “Gazelle” with lasers

Regardie armed “Gazelle” with lasers

Regardie bought two “Gazelle”, equipped with systems of integrated and non-lethal effects (CKNW) that includes laser emitters. This is according to the procurement website.


The Agency should obtain the vehicle until the end of November. The car is designed “to create certain behavioral responses from offenders”, the state contract concluded amounting to more than 65 million rubles.

CKNW designed to stop and immobilize the perpetrator or offender. For this purpose, a powerful acoustic signals (over 135 decibel peak load) and luminous flux higher than 20 thousand lumens or laser radiation, aiming acting on the retina of the eye.

The simultaneous use of all options causes paralysis of the Central nervous system for a period of about 180 seconds or more.

While serious consequences for the organism does not occur (other than spontaneous bowel movement). In addition, the effect causes involuntary panic and a desire to be as far away from the scene.

On 24 October it was reported that Regardie looking for the arrow on the BTR-80 for “law and order” during mass events, participation in preventive raids and special operations.

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