Male 44 years old led from radio shed for one man

Male 44 years old led from radio shed for one man

The Briton Eric Thorpe (Eric Thorp) 44 consecutive years leading his own radio show from the shed. All this time the man only listened to his wife, reports The Daily Mail.


73-year-old Thorpe said that literally fell in love with broadcasting after listening to pirate stations in the 60s of the last century. When the government declared them outside the law, the man decided to fight the regime and launched its own broadcasting under the name Radio 77.

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The Thorpe was not licensed that did not prevent him to broadcast the music of popular pop artists, to tell the local news and announce a fake ad. All this was heard only by his wife. However, when she wasn’t home, the radio host didn’t stop the broadcasts.

Once because of the noise in the barn the neighbors complained Thorpe the police. The culprit took advantage of the situation and interviewed law enforcement officers.

After long years of continuous work, the radio host finally got lucky. Thought about it, the employees “Bi-bi-si” in 1974, about efforts of the men told the creators of the program Nationwide. An excerpt of the program was published on the BBC Archive on Twitter.

#OnThisDay in 1974: “The station”s entire audience has decided to go down the shops” Radio 77 held the dubious distinction of broadcasting to the smallest audience in the country.

— BBC Archive (@BBCArchive) 9 Oct 2018

Shortly after the publication of the tweet editors of “Bi-bi-si” invited Thorpe to lead time on radio station Three Counties. The recording will be broadcast several counties of great Britain during the Christmas holidays.

Back in 1974, Deke Duncan ran a radio studio in his garden shed which broadcast to just one person – his wife. His lifelong ambition was to broadcast to the whole of Stevenage