Why in the autumn we are sad?

Why in the autumn we are sad?

Meets Svetlana Orlova, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, head of Department of clinical nutrition.


With the onset of autumn for many people for no apparent reason comes longing, and the less, the sun Peeps out, the stronger it is. There’s a scientific justification.

NewsScientists have figured out how weather affects the health of Russians

In the human body is an enzyme that converts the amino acid tryptophan into serotonin — the hormone of happiness. The catalyst of the process is vitamin D, which is produced in the skin by sunlight, specifically, ultraviolet rays. When it is lacking, the person spoils the mood, he is depressed and easily irritated and even cause for joy as if he has become smaller. The most “depressive” period, from mid-October to February. At this time, many complain of a depressed and half-asleep state. All because of the atmosphere in autumn and winter the sun’s rays barely reach the ground. Besides at this time of the year people fully clothed, which means that the skin does not get enough vitamin D. Even a trip to the Solarium is not able to solve the problem — vitamin D in this case though is produced, but in insufficient quantities. But it is possible to obtain a much more dangerous problem — the development of melanoma.

Lack of vitamin D affects not only mood, but also on the immune system. Protective functions of the body weaken, and the person usually begins to ache, what also does not contribute to raising the spirit.

Most autumn depression prone people whose work is connected with constant stress. And women gloomy weather, carry heavier. And for meteo-dependent people, especially the elderly, low blood pressure, which is typical of autumn weather, and the lack of bright colors is becoming a challenge.

To help the body just to sleep enough time to rest, to relax, to walk, to lead an active lifestyle and, of course, eat right. Though the main source of vitamin D is the sun, it also enters the body from food. For example, is found in butter and fish. Available in the form of dietary Supplements. So the lack of sunshine vitamin, it is possible to fill.