Patriotic test

Patriotic test

Parents of students preparing for the formation of citizenship.


Parents of students of the second class one of the Novosibirsk schools were given a questionnaire with questions about how they develop children’s patriotism. As follows from published on the Internet copies of the questionnaires, parents were interviewed “in order to improve the system of civil-Patriotic education in educational organization”. Previously, “Kommersant” reported the scandal with the school questionnaires about patriotism, which broke out in St. Petersburg this spring. Now Patriotic education of pupils is already included in some regions in the timetable.

Parents of students of the second class of information-economic Lyceum Novosibirsk were asked to answer 12 questions, including to write, what is patriotism, whether they consider themselves patriots, what age do you think it necessary to acquaint the child with the history and symbolism of the country, what is meant by citizenship education at school age and the methods of such education is used in the family.

In addition, parents should be responsible, what are the traditions that form the Patriotic feelings of the child, they cultivate as nurture a child’s love for the country and satisfaction with their child’s knowledge about the country. Parents of students told “Kommersant” that the management of the Lyceum proposes to introduce a lesson of Patriotic education. They fear that the visit will be in name only. According to them, to fill in the questionnaire most of the parents refused, and students themselves are not questioned.

NewsMom made a manual for parents “How to stop bullying of child”

For today is scheduled a meeting of the leadership Lyceum with disgruntled parents. In high school, “b” said that the question of introduction of additional classes is not. “The Lyceum implements the core objectives of the strategy of development of education in Russia, — said the Agency.— It outlines the priorities of educational institutions related to moral and spiritual civil-Patriotic forms of education. To improve the quality of this work, we implement the project for the inclusion of parents in the formation and development of civil and Patriotic education of young students. The survey is one of the stages of this work. Citizenship is laid in the family. We want to understand how parents are willing to become active participants in the educational process of the Lyceum.”

After evaluating the results of the survey at the Lyceum plans to create a project group, which will include children, parents and teachers. “We are talking about a collaborative, interactive activities participants: the value of digestible when it is docked in the personal experience of the child, — told in the administration of the Lyceum.— Based on the analysis of the questionnaires we will work together to design activities. In particular, we are talking about educational tourism, when children learn their country”. At the Lyceum emphasised that the survey was unauthorized, and filling them is optional.

The Department of education of the mayoralty of Novosibirsk has not initiated a sociological study on the issues of Patriotic education in educational institutions of the city and information about such research is not received. At the same time in Department noted that, under Federal law, conducting a survey of students falls within the competence of the educational organization.