Ivanka trump used personal email to send official letters, breaking the rules of the White house

Ivanka trump used personal email to send official letters, breaking the rules of the White house

The same Donald trump accused Hillary Clinton during the time of the race in the United States in 2016.


Daughter and adviser Ivanka trump used personal email for official correspondence, thus violating the rules of circulation of Federal documents. About the newspaper the Washington Post.

According to sources, during the greater part of 2017 Ivanka discussed the issues related to work in the White house, using the mail address registered on the common with her husband Jared Kushner domain.

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Legal consultant Ivanka Peter he confirmed that she was indeed in his work he used his personal mailbox, but it was not systematically and only for as long as she was not informed about the existing regulations. He also noted that “never emails sent through personal email did not contain classified information” and no correspondence has not been subsequently removed.

“During the transition to work in the government after she was created official work account, but until that moment when White house staff briefed her about the current rules — Mrs. trump sometimes used their own account, but mainly to discuss the logistics and routine of the members of his family.”

We will remind, during election campaign in the United States in 2016, around the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton scandal due to the fact that she, being the head of the state Department, used for official purposes personal e-mail. This is not just in favor of Donald trump. On this fact the FBI conducted an investigation, but to indict Clinton did not. But the scandal affected her ranking and played into the hands of Trump.

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