Found the smallest dinosaur footprints

Found the smallest dinosaur footprints

They left a tiny dinosaurs the size of a Sparrow.


Paleontologists have found… the tiny dinosaur footprints, left by a previously unknown species, specimens of which size was about of a Sparrow.

The newsScientists have discovered the most ancient piranha that lived in the time of dinosaurs

Traces of age, about 110 million years have been found in the formation Jinju in South Korea. Each of them is a length of about one centimeter. Although traces generally resemble those of modern birds, the visible prints only two claws, which indicates the identity of traces that is the raptors, carnivorous bipedal dinosaurs of the family of dromaeosaurid (these dinosaurs held their third claw above the ground in a bent position).

“The tiny size of the exclusive new tracks; the tracks were left by small dinosaurs about the size of a Sparrow, says Anthony Romilio (Anthony Romilio), author of the new study. — This is the smallest dinosaur footprints in the world.”

Traces belonged to the dinosaurs of a new, previously unknown species, scientists say (a very small species of dinosaurs, for example of the kind of microraptor, was the size of a crow off their tracks, says, Romilio, larger than those found in South Korea.).

He was given the name Dromaeosauriformipes rarus. However, of course, the question remains, were these traces of adults or cubs.

A new study was published in the journal Scientific Reports, a brief account of the results of the work according to the portal New Atlas.