Created an optical illusion, which determines the level of fatigue

Created an optical illusion, which determines the level of fatigue

It mistakenly attributed a nonexistent Japanese therapist.


Users of social networks share a new optical illusion. It depicts a ball that is rotating in colour space, with many hexagons.

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Does, polirani Yurii Perepadia (@yuryfrom) 18 Fox R. 2018 10:45 PST

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The illusion is able to determine how tired the man who looks at her. If the image is not moving or rotates slowly from time to time, a person is healthy and well rested.

If the ball is moving continuously, most likely, looking at him people were under stress, really tired or exhausted feelings.Collectionof Optical illusion or deception trinitrotoluene and still unexplained, strange and fascinating illusions 2018

The author is a graphic designer Yuri perepada from Ukraine.

“To create it I used the effect of Akioshi Kitaoka is a white and black outline on a colored background, which moves the point of focus, and it seems that details of the image are moving”, — he wrote in social networks.

“Japanese therapist Yamamoto Hashim is irrelevant to this picture. Moreover, Yamamoto Hashim does not exist in reality. Googling for fun” — added the designer.

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