Cat destroyed a multimillion-dollar mansion, TV presenter

Cat destroyed a multimillion-dollar mansion, TV presenter

A leading us television show “dancing with the stars: Junior” Frankie Muniz said on Twitter how he lost all their possessions due to the fact that his cat learned to open the water tap.

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Publication from Frankie Muniz (@frankiemuniz4) 30 APR 2018 at 7:53 PDT

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According to Muniza, he’s a few days left for my uncle’s funeral and when they returned, they discovered that four of the five floors of his house flooded.

“All that I have destroyed. Each wall, artwork, personal photos, furniture… All because my cat had accidentally opened the valve a few days ago, while we were gone,” says the actor.

Meanwhile your cat’s like…

— Steph Couper (@Stephix60) 16 Nov 2018

Muniz admitted that for two days I cried more than in my entire life. He felt devastated after the death of a relative and tired after 45 hours of travel to France and back. “I’m sorry for what happened.. I just need support,” wrote a leading.

Newspolice rescued the kitten and made him “officer”

Edition Inside Edition says that the losses are estimated at several million dollars.

Users tried to cheer Muniza. They agreed that the cat — devilish creatures, waiting, as if to make the man despicable. “That’s why it is better to get a dog,” stated jed McMurray (McMurray Jed) from Scotland.

However, many were surprised that the owner of the animal left dog for four whole days in solitude and reprimanded him for his irresponsibility. “What kind of person leaves a pet in a few days ? Someone called animal welfare activists?” asked Sharon Bronson (Sharon Brosnon). Munisu announced that he is guilty in their troubles, because no cat will not tolerate to imagine such a relationship.

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