American found in his back yard worm-monster

American found in his back yard worm-monster

Disgusting find.


Resident of Houston in the us state of Texas after rain he had found himself in the courtyard of writhing red mass with tentacles. The terrifying discovery he videotaped and published online, by signing, she has no idea what it is.

Mysterious ‘monster’ that looks like a bloody human brain discovered in man’s back garden

— The Sun (@TheSun) 20 Nov 2018.

Users compared the live weight with the nightmarish human brain and advised the guy to “burn the house and move to another place.”

But later comments made by the experts, who explained that the video is not any a terrible monster, and the usual colony of worms, sludge worm, which in the absence of the earth, begin to cling to each other, forming a dense tangle of live.

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