The victims of the fires in California began 80 people

The victims of the fires in California began 80 people

Moscow. 19 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — the death toll in the large-scale forest fires in California increased to 80 people, said on Monday the TV station ABC News, citing fire Department. Earlier it was reported 76 casualties.


It is noted that most of the deaths occurred in Butte County in Northern California, where there is one of the most difficult situations in the state. In the trenches there was the town of Paradise, which was almost completely destroyed.

Newsthe Satellite showed the scale of the fires in California (photo)

In total, the fires covered more than 1 thousand sq. km. Rescuers search for 993 people who are still missing.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump made the trip in from the disaster-affected areas and promised the full support of the Federal government in connection with the situation. “We have never seen anything like it in California, never anything like this. It’s like total destruction,” said the President.

Fires in California, according to experts, were the most destructive in U.S. history over the past 100 years. The last fire of this magnitude with a large number of casualties occurred in 1918 that killed about 1 million people.


The fire killed at least 42 people.

The national fire protection Association has advised pet owners that are in the area of possible spread of fire to plan their evacuation, but some people just don’t have time to do it.

Residents of the affected areas are sharing in social networks photos of their dead Pets.


Appeared accounts, groups, and hashtags, with which the volunteers are trying to help the animals back to their owners.


“If this is your dog, know that she is at the animal shelter on Plummer” — such messages can be seen in the “Twitter”.


In California burning thousands of acres, and on the Internet appears video with the evacuation of animals from risk areas.


Last Friday, some residents of Malibu were forced to take large animals to the local beach for their own safety.

The city authorities have allowed there to evacuate large animals, which is popular tourist place began to look quite surreal.

Photographer of the newspaper Los Angeles Times Wally Skalij took some impressive photos on the beach.


Actress Alyssa Milano has turned to its followers on Twitter to help bring their horses to a safe place.

“If anyone can save us from the fire five horses, please help me,” wrote Alyssa Milano.

She, like hundreds of thousands of other California residents were forced to evacuate from their home.


The forest fire season usually starts in summer and continues until early autumn, but this year due to low humidity, dry weather and gusty winds the fire continued to spread.

In the city of Paradise, North of Sacramento, burned thousands of homes. Killed at least 29 people, there is no information about the fate of another 200 residents.

But despite the revelry, managed to save several Pets. It inspires hope in the hearts of the other owners Pets.


But despite the revelry, managed to save several Pets. It inspires hope in the hearts of the other owners Pets.


The search is complicated by the fact that often the animals caught in a fire trap, trying to escape or hide, especially if they have suffered.


In Butte County, where fires have been particularly strong, rescuers and volunteers bypass the affected areas to feed the remaining animals.


Zoo Los Angeles was closed on Friday. Specialists temporarily evacuated animals.


In California, charities urge the people to take home animals from the shelter to make room for injured animals.


Meanwhile, the Internet has begun collecting donations to pay the costs of veterinarians.


In some places vets gather in teams, free to treat the lost animals.