In France, protests against rising gasoline prices

In France, protests against rising gasoline prices

In France today, November 17, began with mass protests involving more than 124 thousand people, according to radio station France Info. The protesters are unhappy with the increase in petrol prices and planned over 2 thousand events throughout the country. Rally participants, most of whom were motorists out on the road in reflective vests.


According to AP, during the protests suffered 47 people, three of them are in serious condition. One person was killed in a collision of the car: according to preliminary data, was driving the woman wanted to drive around the barriers, the protesters on the road. The protesters tried to stop the car and started beating on the hood, causing the driver panicked and accidentally ran over one of the protesters.

As of 12:00 local time (14:00 GMT) police have arrested 24 members of the protests, another 17 were detained for questioning. As explained in the police, the protesters were arrested for refusing to obey police, threats, attempts to organize a rebellion or to establish highway checkpoints.

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The government of France in 2019, plans to increase the tax on diesel fuel by 6.5%, gasoline — by 2.9%, reports the Local. For the relevant measures, the French authorities went to combat air pollution.

“In my opinion, it is better to tax the fuel and not the workers. The same people who are unhappy with the rise in gasoline prices, struggling with air pollution, because their children suffer from diseases,” — said the President of France Emmanuel macron. The head of the French Ministry of economy Bruno Le Mayor said that the authorities do not intend to cancel the tax increase, despite the protests of citizens.