Stepanenko demanded Petrosian to give her the book “the Occult and sexuality”

Stepanenko demanded Petrosian to give her the book “the Occult and sexuality”

Comedian Elena Stepanenko in the divorce process and the division of property with Yevgeny Petrosyan claims for rare occult books, told TASS the lawyer of the actor Sergey Zhorin.


“In the divorce process Stepanenko for some reason fundamentally to retain a number of ancient occult books, including the book of Hans Freimark 1910 issue of “the Occult and sexuality”,” — said the Zhorin.

The wife of the artist also wants to write a book, “Hypnotism. Its theoretical basis and practical application of” albert Mole, 1898 issue of “the Conspiracy. The experience of the study of the origin and development of charms formulae]” Nikolay poznansky, “History of superstitions and magic” by Alfred Lehmann was issued in 1910 and “the gospel in the explanation of spiritualism,” Alan Kardec, edition of 1914.

An Agency source familiar with the prices of antique books, claims that their price at auction can reach up to three million rubles.

Earlier Zhorin said that Stepanenko is asking the court to give her all the Antiques and cultural treasures, paintings, statues, a large part of the estate, but “bare to leave Petrosyan”.

Divorce Petrosyan and Stepanenko became known in early August. Comedian filed against her husband a suit, demanding from him for about 80 percent of jointly acquired property. Petrossian filed a counterclaim in which he asked the court to give him half ownership. At the request of the parties to the divorce process takes place in the Khamovnichesky court in closed from media mode.