“It seems that really something is brewing”

“It seems that really something is brewing”

Dmitry drize — about the situation in Belarus.


Russian Ambassador to Belarus appointed a former military man, Mikhail Babich. Previously, he worked as a presidential envoy to the Volga Federal district. In the Russian power vertical Babich has a reputation as a strict policy. Political commentator, “Kommersant FM” Dmitry drize believes that in the relations of two allied States, possibly we will see a turning point.

Combat veteran, former head of the Chechen government in the difficult post-war years, Mikhail Babich known as a tough and largely uncompromising statesman. It is even called “the hawk” by analogy with America. Probably, it is connected with a military background. However, the General public, he is not well known. The post of presidential envoy to the Volga Federal district or the Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense — rather the role of the second plan, rather than a reason to talk about the next successor or candidate for office. Although examples of little-known officials received high positions in modern history a lot.

So it is possible that Babic — the reserve for the upgrade of the power vertical. He tried to appoint an Ambassador to Ukraine, but Kiev has opposed. In the end, he went to Belarus is also a very difficult area.

According to various leaks, that his candidacy is discussed at a closed meeting in Sochi Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko. As a result Mikhail Babich will not just Ambassador, but President’s special representative on trade and economic cooperation.

Recently, Belarus is a lot different and in many ways strange events. In particular, suddenly talking that Alexander Lukashenko has decided to bet on the Belarusian nationalists. Or that he openly supports Kiev.