Consulate of Russia in Kiev threw smoke bombs

Consulate of Russia in Kiev threw smoke bombs

In the Pechersk district of Kiev unknown man threw smoke bombs Consulate of Russia. In accident nobody suffered, reports “Strenia”.


According to the publication, the attack said the soldier of the national guard, which took up protection of the consular Department. According to him, one of the smoke grenades flew into the territory of the diplomatic mission of Russia in Ukraine, and the other fell at the fence.

Checkers was quickly extinguished, a fire, or significant damage is not fixed. Solves a question on excitation of criminal case under article about hooliganism with the use of pre-prepared items.

Earlier on April 13, it was reported that in the center of Kiev from the anti-tank grenade fired at the building company “Kyivmiskbud”, which is about a kilometer from the Parliament and government of the country. In March, unknown shot from a grenade launcher in the terrace of the Kiev restaurant. The fire burned about 50 square meters of the building.