Called alcohol the main cause of death of adults

Called alcohol the main cause of death of adults

In the study “the Global burden of disease” the doctors analyzed the relationship between human health and consumption of alcohol. It turned out that alcohol is more other reasons adversely affects the health of people aged from 15 to 49 years. According to researchers, globally alcohol causes about 2.8 million deaths per year. The results presented in the Lancet.


In most countries, alcohol is legal and available despite the fact that it is addictive. Quite often in the scientific literature, there is a new study in which the authors try to prove the harm or benefit from drinking alcohol in various doses. However, a large new study finds no reason to drink even a SIP of alcohol.

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In the new work, the doctors analyzed data on the health of 28 million people. The authors come to the conclusion that on average the negative effects of alcohol outweigh any possible positive impact. “In previous works in some conditions scientists have identified a protective effect of alcohol, but we found out that the total health risk increases with alcohol intake in any dose,” says lead author Max Griswold from the University of Washington (USA).

Approximately every third person on Earth drinking alcohol, and among men a lot more. Women on average drink less — ¾ standard dose (standard drink or unit of alcohol — a measure of alcohol consumption, which are oriented in different studies is 10 milliliters or 8 grams of alcohol) per day, while men drink on average almost two standard doses. As a result, for men, alcohol is much more dangerous: in 2016 he was responsible for 4% of deaths of women, but for 12.2% of deaths of men, which puts him in the top among the factors of early death for adults in the world. However, for all age groups alcohol was the seventh leading cause of.