The main colors. Russia can not choose a flag for a thousand years

The main colors. Russia can not choose a flag for a thousand years

The debate about which flag has more rights to be considered mainly in Russia, has been ongoing for half a century.

UpRed, yellow, blue — choose anything!

The history of the origin and evolution of the Russian state flag rather confusing. Until the second half of the XVII century flag, which could be considered a state, did not exist.

NewsWhat color is almost there in the state flags

Since the end of X century the rulers of Ancient Russia used their own banners predominant red color, but the consistency was not there. In addition to red, met banners yellow, green and even black.

In XII—XIII centuries on the banner appears the image of the cross, and later the Russian brigade participating in the battles under the red banner with the face of the Savior.

“Great banner” Ivan the terribleadopted in 1560, was radically different from the other flags, representing the flag of the Chinese taffeta in the form of a trapezoid with the slope. The banner covered with stars and crosses, was a picture of the Savior dressed in white, on a white horse, surrounded by cherubim and the heavenly host. Also on the banner was a picture of Archangel Michael on a gold winged horse, with a cross and sword.

The complexity of this banner is actually excluded the possibility of its fixation as a national symbol.It all started with “eagle”

Only in 1668, with the construction of the first Russian warship “eagle”, the question arose about the need for official approval of the flag that will walk the ship.

It is known that Tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich adopted the flag, however, its true image is not preserved.

Scant information is that for the manufacture of flags for the ship “eagle” was released red, white and blue fabric, and made the flags were ordered to portray the eagles.

There are several versions about what looked like a flag, “eagle.” One of them, his color was consistent with the Dutch, on the other — it was similar to the modern Finnish red rectangles in the lower left and upper right corners, the third — white-blue-red flag with double-headed eagle is not actually different from modern presidential standards.

The earliest extant flag, which can be considered as a state, was called the “flag of the king of Moscow” and was raised on a 12-cannon yacht “Saint Peter” during the voyage of Peter I in the White sea with a detachment of warships. He was a panel size of 4.6×4.9 m, consisting of three horizontal equal bands of white, blue and red colors with a Golden double-headed eagle in the middle.

The tricolor white-blue-red flag with the coat of arms was used to land Russian troops from about 1700. At least one such banner went to the Swedes as a trophy in the battle of Narva.