The Czech Parliament has called the invasion of 1968 an act of invasion

The Czech Parliament has called the invasion of 1968 an act of invasion

PRAGUE, August 22. /TASS/ — For adoption of the relevant decision voted 145 of 156 members.


The chamber of deputies (lower house) of Czech Parliament recognized the entry of Warsaw Pact troops (VD) in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (CSSR) in August of 1968, act of foreign invasion and occupation of the country. This is stated in the resolution adopted by it.

“The chamber of deputies declares that the invasion of the troops of five member States VD (USSR, GDR, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria — approx. TASS) in August 1968, in Czechoslovakia was an act of the attack and subsequent occupation of the Republic. It was contrary to international law”, — the document says.

For the decision voted 145 of the 156 MPs present at the session of the lower house. No one spoke against it, but abstained, six deputies from the ruling in the Republic of the political movement “ANO” (Action of dissatisfied citizens) and five representatives of the Communist party of Bohemia and Moravia. Among the abstentions were, in particular, the Ministers of transport of the Czech Republic Given the Current and regional development Clara Dostalova.

The invasion

Based on the decision of heads of the USSR, GDR, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria, the units of the armies of those States members of HP 21 August 1968 was introduced in Czechoslovakia with the purpose of demonstration of military force to stop developing in this country of democratic reforms, which entered the history books as “Prague spring”. The Soviet Union sent the largest contingent of about 500 thousand soldiers and several thousand tanks.

Victims among the citizens of Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union

According to Czech historians, the result of deliberate and accidental actions of the soldiers VD until the end of 1968 killed 137 Czechoslovak citizens. The first shots on the night of August 21 was produced by Hungarian soldiers. In the Slovak village of Italske-Predmostie they shot at the police, who refused to surrender their service weapon.