Native Skripal suspect that it is not alive.

Native Skripal suspect that it is not alive.

YAROSLAVL, Aug 23 — RIA Novosti. Relatives of the former GRU officer Sergei Skripal suspect that it may not be alive, told RIA Novosti his niece Victoria Skripal.


The last time the daughter of Sergei Skripal, Julia was in touch with his family the birthday of grandmother Elena Yakovlevna, at the end of July. Then she told me that dad is on the mend, but in his throat a tracheostomy, which he cannot speak. The girl promised that the handset will soon be removed, and the father will call the families.

Since then, calls from Skrobala not been reported. According to Victoria’s family began to suspect that Sergei is dead or his condition is very heavy.

Why do we believe? Because Julia said that after three days the Pope will be able to call that he has great desire. We are waiting for, especially the grandmother, she is waiting for a call from my son… He’s a good man. He loves his mother and whenever possible he would have called her.Victoria Skripal

According to her, the strange looks and the fact that the press no photos Skripal, as it was in a situation with a poisoning in London of the Lieutenant Colonel of FSB Alexander Litvinenko in 2006.

“For Litvinenko’s father allowed. And in the press was pictures of him from the chamber. Here we do not see any photos. With whom I have spoken of the journalists even couldn’t get to the hospital in Salisbury. The staff there is so intimidated that for any money you agreed to do the pictures… And we are not allowed. Don’t understand what’s so scary is, if we see him?”, said Victoria Skripal.