A nuclear accident in the Barents sea

A nuclear accident in the Barents sea

CNBC, citing sources reported that Russia will try to find a place of falling of a rocket with a nuclear facility, which happened at the end of 2017 during unsuccessful trials in the Barents sea. About the accidents and disasters of military equipment from nuclear power plants in the region — in the material “Kommersant”.


24 may 1968 in the Barents sea crashed nuclear attack submarine K-27. Five people were killed, 140 escaped. The reactor was not plugged in time, happened the release of radioactive gases that spread through the compartments. In the reactor compartment background radiation was up to 1,000 roentgens per hour, in the area of steam generators — 1500 roentgens per hour (75 thousand times higher than normal). Submarine not sunk, but was declared unfit for use.

18 Oct 1976 in the Barents sea on a nuclear attack submarine K-387 class 671РТ “Salmon” accident the main power plant (rupture of the main condenser). Two people were killed, survived 86. The boat was repaired, returned to service.

June 18, 1984 in the Barents sea have been a fire on a nuclear submarine with cruise missiles K-131 class 675. The flames spread to the device regeneration of oxygen. Due to a malfunction of the firefighting system LOH could only turn in 20 minutes. The boat surfaced, but the surface was no progress. Killed 13, rescued 91 people.

29 may 1992 in Severomorsk have happened the explosion and fire at a nuclear submarine K-502 class 671РТМК “Pike”. The reason was the malfunction of the compressor high pressure in the first compartment. One person was killed. The boat was repaired and returned to service.

26 January 1998 on the Kola Peninsula on the nuclear attack class submarine 671RTM “Pike” when you enter the main power plant accident. Began entering into the water compartment from the first (radioactive) circuit of the reactor. Five people received acute inhalation poisoning. An hour later, the sailors eliminated the leak and carried out the decontamination compartment. One person was killed. The boat was repaired and returned to service.