Convenient high-tech: how is the healthcare in the capital

Convenient high-tech: how is the healthcare in the capital

The clinic is within walking distance, tech support and new performance standard. How modern medicine becomes more accessible to Muscovites — in the material

Since the beginning of this year in Moscow appeared six new health facilities. Among them, the extension to the clinic in the Beskudnikovsky lane and an ambulance substation on Commerce street, built with funds from the city budget.

At the expense of investors reconstructed the centre for socio-medical rehabilitation of veterans and invalids of combat operations (settlement Voronovskoe, near the village yasenki) and commissioned the clinic in the settlement Vnukovo. Due to Federal budget built the Federal center for cerebrovascular disease and stroke sbei HPE “Russian national research medical University named after N. I. Pirogov” in the street Ostrovityanova.

Since 2011, built 82 health facilities. Besides upgrading the existing health facilities: the building is repaired and equipped with modern equipment. All this allowed to bring the medicine in the capital to a new level. Now Muscovites can get professional and high-tech help close to home, in most cases not even leaving their district.

Now there is no high-tech medical care, which would in Moscow. Become the availability of positron emission tomography (PET) for early detection of tumors, robotic surgery and gamma knife, endovascular interventions on the heart and blood vessels.

In 2017, the number of patients who received high-tech medical care has increased four times in comparison with 2011. This not only increased the quality of life of Muscovites, but also its duration — up to 77.1 years.Quality medicine from the cradle (and before)

Support physicians of the future Muscovites get before birth. To this end, the city created a network of obstetric, antenatal became units of the maternity homes and hospitals. Hospitals introduce advanced methods of diagnosis and purchase modern equipment. Over the past few years, from 2011 to 2017, has acquired resuscitation system, infant incubators, ultrasound machines, incubators and other equipment (a total of 6.2 thousand units).

Now the capital 27 obstetric wards, which are multidisciplinary clinics. They can accommodate 3.6 thousand patients. In hospitals increase the number of small rooms with a toilet and shower, equip additional space in the departments of pathology and intensive care for newborns, including low and extremely low body weight.

The construction of perinatal cardiology center at clinical hospital named after L. A. Vorohoba, neonatal case and the Advisory-diagnostic center in the hospital of the clinical hospital named after V. V. Vinogradov (former maternity hospital No. 4) and maternity wards in the new hospital in Kommunarka.

Hi-tech city outpatient clinics

After the hospital, the main medical institution becomes the regional hospital — that is where citizens go first, after feeling unwell. And in recent years to visit Moscow polyclinics becomes more comfortable. In the past there were a queue — now to see the doctor without leaving home, and at the offices of the doctors on duty is an electronic Board showing the order of reception.