In Japan released new documents in the case of Sorge

In Japan released new documents in the case of Sorge

TOKYO, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti. According to the published in Japan documents belonging to Teizo OTA — sixth Chapter of the penal Department of the Ministry of justice of Japan, the authorities tried to restrict access to information about the Sorge case in the Newspapers, as well as tightly regulated ways of presenting information and references involved in the case.


The documents were handed over loved ones Comes to the State parliamentary library.

Group, Sorge was arrested in October 1941, and on 16 may 1942 the Ministry of justice first reported on the existence of the business. In internal documents only have the instructions for strict censorship, and also reflected the opinion of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. For example, one of the members of the group, Kinkajou Saionji stated that it was necessary to cross a position in the Ministry of foreign Affairs, and also contains a recommendation “to delete the adjective “important” in the phrase “the important of secrecy.”

Such precautions can be related to the fact that Saionji was the grandson Kimoti Saionji — one of the ten Imperial advisers, genro, who was at one time Prime Minister of the country.