Americans stuck on the volcano for a week, helped to survive bees

Americans stuck on the volcano for a week, helped to survive bees

Luckily found him in time rescuers.

40-year-old Matthew Matheny from the city of Warren, Ohio, can now proudly tell all about the most incredible adventure in my life.

It all started when a man took my friends car and went to travel to the volcano St. Helens in Washington state. But the next day the connection with him was lost, and relatives raised the alarm. In search of Matthew went to the police dogs and rescuers. The operation also involved a helicopter and a drone, but a week these searches do not produce results — at the foot of the mountain have discovered a neatly parked car.

Mount St. Helens rescue: Missing hiker Matthew Matheny survived 6 days on berries, bees – CBS News #CbsNews #cannabis

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But then a miracle happened now — with the signal still working the phone, rescuers found Matheny in the woods on the mountain. To the great surprise of the police, the man was quite healthy and happy, although spent in the woods without food and water for a week.

Rescuers transported the traveler to the hospital, but the medical care he need. His main problem was the insect bites, scratches and a few wounds.

As told to Matthew, walking, he fell off a mountain ledge in the forest and lost his bearings. But he survived thanks to his wit.

All week he was hunting bees and eating them, providing necessary protein.

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