Scientists have discovered why stress often kills men

Scientists have discovered why stress often kills men

MOSCOW, 13 Aug — RIA Novosti. Cellular stress has a stronger impact on men and often gives them heart attacks and strokes for the reason that their body produces little molecules that help dilate the blood vessels. This was written by biologists in an article in the journal Bioscience Reports.

“We recently found that the concentration of molecules of BH4, the “helper” enzyme, producing a molecule of nitrogen monoxide was markedly higher in the body of female rats, suffering from high blood pressure, but not males. Now we understand what it involves and how it can be eliminated,” says Jennifer Sullivan (Jennifer Sullivan) from the University of Augusta (USA).

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Monoxide nitrogen today believe the scientists conducting the many processes in our body, including expansion and contraction of blood vessels, aging, and positively affect many other body systems. The body commissioning the large number of substances containing nitrates and other nitrogen compounds, in some cases, experiments show, can even slow the body aging and increase life expectancy.

Enough scientists have been trying to understand what role this substance and its producing enzymes can play that men are more likely to die of heart problems and suffered a higher pressure for almost all his life, than women.