Unusual sea creature found on coast of Vietnam (video)

Unusual sea creature found on coast of Vietnam (video)

What it is, yet not identified.

A tour guide from Vietnam Du We Du on one of the beaches in the province of KIEN Giang found washed up by the shore of an unknown creature. Du we pulled him out of the water to get a closer look and to his surprise there was no limit.

The sea monster was something like algae, but actively moved many tentacles.

To understand what it is, no one failed. Examining the creature and took it on camera, We Du released a hideous creature back into the ocean.

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In some versions, the mysterious creature may be the marine star, which is able to acquire a similar form, twisting stomach out, or the usual algaethat move, reacting to the unfamiliar air.

It is reported that similar “monsters” began to appear on the coast in KIEN Giang at the end of July.

The depths of the sea all full of strange creatures that are sometimes more like aliens. Recently we wrote about the most interesting representatives of the underwater world.

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