“Liquid gold”: Roskoshestvo told how to choose apples

“Liquid gold”: Roskoshestvo told how to choose apples

MOSCOW, 10 Aug — RIA Novosti. Roskoshestvo will conduct a study of apples sold in Russian stores and markets; the organization also made recommendations on what to look for when selecting apples, said Roskoshestvo.

“Apples will be tested on 46 indicators of quality and safety: fruits pass stringent organoleptic evaluation (appearance, presence of defects, taste and smell, condition of flesh) — this will allow us to understand how Mature the fruits you can buy in the summer”, — stated in the message.

Experts Roskoshestvo also examine the apples for safety: in fruit will be to check the presence of toxic elements, pesticides, GMOs, damage by pests and microbiological indicators, such as Salmonella.

“Much attention will be paid to the utility of the product — during the study, the experts check the content of iron, pectin, carotene, fiber and iodine,” says Roskoshestvo. In addition, experts will check the apples for the presence of nitrates and pesticides.

The Director of the research Department of Roskoshestvo Liudmila Vikulova, words which are contained in the release, noted that one of the most common fears of consumers about fruit and vegetable products applies to the content of nitrates.

In the case of fruits that grow on trees — the fear is not justified. Apples we plucked from the tree, so they don’t get all those harmful substances contained in the soil, including nitrates. Nitrates typically can accumulate in the root zone of plants, so they are contained in large amounts in the very fruits.Ludmila Mikulovice research Department Rockchester, Apple

Roskoshestvo indicates that, according to GOST on fresh apples sold at retail, the fruits must be intact, clean, without excessive external moisture free of foreign smell and taste. “Dry surface — an important condition for prolonged persistence of the product, as in this case do not develop many pathogens”, — stated in the release.

Specialists Roskoshestvo suggest to pay attention to the Apple “shell”: the skin of the fruit should not be damaged by pests or diseases.

“Such damage is obvious: apples are wrinkled, swollen (easily pressed with your fingers than healthy fruit), sometimes with small depressed spots with a diameter of 2-3 mm darker than the main color of the skin”, explains the organization.

However, some external defects on the peel allowed.

For example, apples may be minor mechanical damage that occur during transportation. Permitted and brown spots, which may slightly extend beyond the cavity of the peduncle, but may not be rough.

“In terms of size, the greatest transverse diameter of the fruit should be at least 60 millimeters, weight of the fetus — not less than 90 grams. It is not necessary to pay special attention to the stalk — it does not affect the fruit quality. Also fruit should not be overripe apples with mealy flesh and blackened, completely lost the signs of maturity, not fit for consumption,” adds Roskoshestvo.

When choosing Packed apples in store should pay attention to the packaging. Consumer packing units, weight of apples in which not less than 3 kilograms shall be sufficiently rigid to ensure the safety of the product. The packaging should show the product name, country of origin, commercial grade, net weight, date of collection and date of packaging, shelf life and storage conditions.