Poor Tanner turned two friends in the “green monsters”

Poor Tanner turned two friends in the “green monsters”

When things did not go according to plan.

To get smooth and beautiful tan, without exhausting yourself many hours of lying in the sun, Laura Denton and Rosie berry went to one of the beauty salons in North Yorkshire (UK).

Friends left looking like ‘the Hulk’ after their first visit to tanning salon https://t.co/AlvyuAxd0D pic.twitter.com/ybVqZrAjJd

— Siglov Freudivan (@DerangedRadio) August 8, 2018

Experts suggested girls to try a new bronzer, which in a few minutes was to provide them with beautiful skin tone. But something went wrong. After the procedure friend was frightened — their skin became a dark green color.

Deciding not to panic, Rosie and Laura hurried home to wash off is not a very noble color. Fortunately, the chemical is not greatly absorbed, and get rid of the consequences of tanning have been around an hour.

Despite the unpleasant story, of a friend reacted to it with humour and even shared his photo on social media. Employees of the beauty salon just apologized and as compensation was offered her friends another bronzer. Those, of course, refused.