The United States will impose sanctions against Russia because of the “business Skrypalia”

The United States will impose sanctions against Russia because of the “business Skrypalia”

MOSCOW, 9 Aug — RIA Novosti. United States because of the alleged use of chemical weapons by Russia in Salisbury will introduce from August 22 to new sanctions against Moscow, said the state Department.


It is noted that the restrictive measures will enter into force 15 days after notification to Congress.

The American foreign Ministry believe that the agent nerve agents “Novice” used in circumvention of international law and the Convention on the prohibition of the use of chemical weapons.

The second package of sanctions against Russia because of the incident in Salisbury will be introduced in three months, if Moscow does not fulfill the put forward USA of requirements.

About the impending restrictions Wednesday, the US informed Russia. “Yes, we told the Russian,” — said the representative office. He said that the US administration told the Kremlin about the impending action on Wednesday in the afternoon, but declined to give details.

The essence of the first wave of sanctions

New US sanctions against Russia in connection with the incident in Salisbury include a ban on the supply to Russia of dual-use goods.

“The most significant will be the introduction of a presumption of denial for all dual-use goods related to national security… Now the decision on issuance of licenses for the supply of these goods is adopted for each specific case. But when the sanctions will come into force, we by default will reject such requests”, — said the representative of the state Department.

At the same time, he noted that a new package of sanctions will have a number of exceptions, including in the field of space cooperation and supply of aviation components.

“Also imposed sanctions on space cooperation, but we cooperate, and where it is dependent. In this sense we will consider each position separately. We will also carefully analyze the situation in the supply of aircraft components, because here we can talk about safety. Will also be considered exceptions with respect to export supplies of goods for civilian purposes,” he said.