Forest fires in California — the largest in state history. Trump advises to cut down trees

Forest fires in California — the largest in state history. Trump advises to cut down trees

Forest fires in Northern California were the largest in state history, said the local fire Department. The flames trying to put out thousands of firefighters, and the US President, Donald trump declared the state of emergency and said that you can eliminate it prevent bad laws.


According to the Department of forestry and fire protection California fire engulfed 114 800 hectares and is still growing, reports Reuters. The fire was named “Complex of Mendocino” (Mendocino Fire Complex) — the name of a national Park. His education has led the Union of two separate large fires.

Prior to this the largest fire in state history was considered the “Thomas” (Thomas Fire), which occurred in the districts of Santa Barbara and Ventura in 2017.

In extinguishing the fire involved almost 4,000 people, including firefighters from Arizona, Washington and Alaska. They help the military, and more than a hundred specialists from Australia and New Zealand specifically to work in the United States were trained in Idaho. For fire fighting aircraft used.

Now the efforts of the firefighters are focused on how to prevent the fire from spreading to residential buildings. The fire has already destroyed 75 homes, thousands of people were forced to evacuate. In total, California is currently recorded eight major forest fires — that’s US President, Donald trump declared to the state of the mode “natural disasters”.

NewsThan threat fire tornado: a destructive fire in California

According to forecasters, put out fires prevents weather and its negative effect will only intensify in the coming days, the temperature may rise to 43 degree Celsius. In addition, the work of firefighters very difficult to wind.

According to the President of the United States Donald trump, in the fires of blame and wrong laws. The US President believes that environmental regulations do not allow necessary to use a large amount of water “is routed to the Pacific ocean”. It is also advised to cut down trees to fire is not covered. Trump appealed to the Governor of the state with a request to change the law.